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The right static eliminator for any situation


  • Static Eliminator General Catalog

    This catalog contains KEYENCE's full static lineup - including the bar, blower, and spot type static eliminators

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  • Bar Type

    SJ-H series

    Ultra High-Speed Sensing Ionizer
    Highest static elimination capacity in the industry

    SJ-E series

    Ultra High Speed Sensing Ioniser Hybrid Type

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  • Brower Type

    SJ-F2000/5000 series

    Wide-Area Sensing Ionizer
    Reduce electrostatic problems by eliminating static in the entire environment

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  • Spot Type

    SJ-M series

    High-Performance Compact Static Eliminator
    Space-saving designs include an ultra-small nozzle or a compact bar

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  • Electrostatic Sensor

    SK series

    Precise Electrostatic Sensor
    Measure the static charge and ambient humidity at the same time, allowing for a more accurate prediction on whether a particular area is likely to have static issues or not

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