Camera Vision System:
Quantity Inspection

    Bottle count in cases

    • Using a 21 megapixel camera enables high-accuracy inspection even over a wide field of view. In addition to counting bottles, a single camera enables other inspection such as the inspection of caps for different types by checking minute differences in characters or colors.

    Product type differentiation/2D identification of IC packages

    • Read the characters/2D codes laser-marked on the surface of IC chips. A single machine vision can recognize both characters, such as part numbers, and 2D codes simultaneously.

    Various Part Inspection Inside Tray

    • If height information from a 3D image is also used, seemingly uniform colors are no longer a barrier to fully inspect the tray. In addition to count, it is also possible to detect different varieties, difference between front and back, and parts that are oriented incorrectly. LumiTrax™ images* can be btained at the same time, which eliminates the effects of ambient light and aids in emphasizing the raised features across the tray.

    Chip count

    • Count inspections of up to 10000 chips are possible from a single image rather than the separate images needed by conventional systems.


    CV-X Series Intuitive Vision System Catalogue

    CV-X Series Intuitive Vision System Catalogue
    • [File type]PDF:13.36MB

    XG-X Series Customizable Vision System Catalogue

    XG-X Series Customizable Vision System Catalogue
    • [File type]PDF:16.86MB

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