Camera Vision System:
Appearance Inspection

    ECU sealant coat inspection

    • KEYENCE’s Pattern Projection Vision System uses 3D data to create contrast based solely on shape, rather than surface finish or color. Confirm presence/absence, measure width and volume, and detect breaks on sealant and formed-in-place gaskets. Large format lighting available for inspection over a wide field of view.

    Appearance inspection - printed surface of batteries

    • Appearance inspection of battery surfaces to find flaws or dents was difficult because it was hard to differentiate between printing and defects. The LumiTrax™ function allows detection of just flaws and dents by canceling 2D information such as printing.

    Black rubber sheet appearance inspection

    • Wrinkles on black sheets are often difficult to detect due to poor contrast. Shape images allow for inspection with wrinkles and foreign particles clearly extracted.

    Differential gear appearance inspection

    • For the inspection of the sides of cylindrical targets, it was difficult to apply lighting evenly. With a line scan camera, images of cylindrical shapes can be captured continuously. Also, LumiTrax™ specular reflection mode allows for the detection of linear flaws, dents, and stains with a single captured image.

    Wound coil appearance inspection

    • Wound coil appearance inspection is sometimes unstable due to lighting reflections and variations in the colors with conventional lighting conditions. Using Multi-Spectrum lighting makes it possible to stabilize these inspections by extracting just the defect locations to inspect.

    O ring burr inspection

    • Capturing the entirety of the part with a high-resolution camera enables inspections that can catch even the smallest burrs on O rings.


    CV-X Series Intuitive Vision System Catalogue

    CV-X Series Intuitive Vision System Catalogue
    • [File type]PDF:13.27MB

    XG-X Series Customizable Vision System Catalogue

    XG-X Series Customizable Vision System Catalogue
    • [File type]PDF:16.86MB

    XG-8000 Series Customizable Vision System Supports Line Scan Cameras Catalogue

    XG-8000 Series Customizable Vision System Supports Line Scan Cameras Catalogue
    • [File type]PDF:1.38MB

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