Camera Vision System:
Positioning/ Alignment

    Alignment for mounting of camera module

    • Using a high-pixel, 16x speed machine vision achieves high-accuracy positioning.

    Electronic PCB laser alignment

    • In addition to being able to capture the entire field of view all at once, the camera’s angle sensor ensures reproducibility even when installed at an angle.

    Wafer alignment

    • Whereas conventional systems needed to capture separate images to ensure high resolution, wide-area imaging makes it possible to capture the entire field of view all at once for improved processing times.

    Battery lamination layer alignment

    • Easy configuration and flexible customization support the alignment required in the battery cell manufacturing process. Using a 21 megapixel camera enables the inspection of large targets.


    XG-X Series Customizable Vision System Catalogue

    XG-X Series Customizable Vision System Catalogue
    • [File type]PDF:16.86MB

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