• Versatile Profilometer Eliminates Blind Spots and Measures Glossy Surfaces

    • Any measurement: 2D/ Profiles/ Roughness/ GD&T
    • High-precision 3D measurement of an entire surface in 1s
    • Compare scan data against CAD model, judge pass/ fail
  • Capture Full Surface Data with 0.1 µm Resolution in Just 1 Second

  • HDR Scanning Algorithm for Measurement of Even More Materials

  • Automatic Rotation to Perform Measurements with No Blind Spots

  • Performs any Measurement with 
    a Single Device

Contact our engineers for free on-site demo and sample testing!


VR-6000 Series 3D Optical Profilometer Catalogue

VR-6000 Series 3D Optical Profilometer Catalogue
  • [File type]PDF:6.85MB

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