• Automatic Focus and Position Correction

    • Full-Field Auto-Focus
    • Mark Both Resins and Metals with a Single Laser Marking Machine
  • Autofocus Anywhere

    Mark in-focus on any part, anywhere.

    The MD-X laser marker comes standard-equipped with a built-in distance sensor that enables automatic focal corrections. Eliminate manual height adjustments due to part variations in a few simple steps.

  • Built-In Vision

    Mark the same location on any part, anywhere.

    The MD-X Series contains a camera inside the laser marking head which can automatically identify a target’s shape. The laser marker can then adjust for X, Y and theta offsets to ensure the marking position is always correct.

    The marking system is even able to distinguish between parts and mark each part accordingly.

  • Data-Driven Analytics

    Automatic fault protection and monitoring from anywhere.

    The new MD-X uses predictive maintenance to eliminate problems before they occur. In the unlikely event of a marking defect, the laser marker features a wide range of diagnostic tools to identify the root cause and deploy countermeasures.

  • High Quality × High Output × Long Life

    Hybrid Laser Oscillator that Combines the Advantages of YVO4 and Fibre

  • White + Black Oxidation - Aluminium Castings

  • Thin-film Processing - Metal-Plated Connectors

  • Damage-Free Marking - Electronic Components

  • Coating Removal - Automotive Panel Switches

  • Built-In Lighting & Built-In 2D Code Reader

    Lighting built-in to the marking head eliminates the need for external lighting to align the target before marking and check results after.

    Marked codes can be read by the laser marker, eliminating the need for an external barcode reader. Because marking and reading can be completed in a single process, the space required and cost of equipment can be reduced.


Sê-ri MD-X Máy khắc bằng Laser Hybrid 3 Trục Catalo

Sê-ri MD-X Máy khắc bằng Laser Hybrid 3 Trục Catalo
  • [Loại Tập tin]PDF:5.61MB

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