• Flatness measuring and GD&T: VR-6000

    • Scans in as little as 1 second
    • Compare to CAD data, OK/NG judgement
    • Calibration with the touch of a button

With VR-6000, flatness measuring and coordinates measuring has never been easier

  • More accurate

    Measure PCB surface

    Scan to measure faster and more accurate. Max and min points are automatically calculated, measure flatness across the entire surface

  • Visualized

    Curvature measurement of tablet

    After acquiring height data, users can change the colour in which height is displayed, easy to visualize differences across the surface

  • Easier

    Profile measurement of bolt

    Abundant assist tools for accurate and repeatable measurements, quickly measure the different shape and acquire desired values

  • Faster

    Batch automatic inspection

    For products with many inspection points, users can configure the order the points to measure to allow for automatic measurement

Replace CMM and conventional measuring machine

  • CMM

    High accuracy but takes time, requires experience, can't process images to improve measurements

  • Máy đo biên dạng chạm

    High accuracy but result is not stable, user-dependent, measuring the correct location is difficult

  • Kính hiển vi đo lường

    Measure during imaging but difficult to record data, limited imaging quality and contrast

  • Máy scan 3D

    Fast but poor measurement resolution, no imaging capability

Solutions for problems with conventional measuring machine: VR-6000

    • Measure 3D data over an entire wide surface (300 mm × 150 mm)
    • Get surface, area, point, arc data with high accuracy and stability
    • High resolution (4 million pixels) and great depth of field
    • Super fast measuring speed
    • Easy to operate, just place and press the button
    • Automatically generate and save reports

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VR-6000 Series 3D Optical Profilometer Catalogue

VR-6000 Series 3D Optical Profilometer Catalogue
  • [File type]PDF:6.82MB

6-in-1 Wide-Area 3D Measurement System Six measurement and observation devices in one compact unit

6-in-1 Wide-Area 3D Measurement System Six measurement and observation devices in one compact unit
  • [File type]PDF:2.69MB

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