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          Sê-ri LJ-V7000


          Easy and convenient! PC software that has thoroughly considered usability

          Multi-screen function

          It is possible to simultaneously check your favourite screens, including measurement values, measurement profiles, height image displays (greyscale displays), and measurement value trend graphs. It is possible to freely determine the screen size and placement to construct your own original screen.

          Easy settings

          Profile storage function

          It is possible to store approx. 28,000 profiles. You can also store measurement values for 16 outputs at the same time. The LJ-V7000 Series is equipped with various analysis functions, which is useful for the verification of defects and for research and development.

          Terminal operation monitor function

          Can check the ON/OFF status of controller I/O terminal in a list. It is possible to greatly reduce the time and effort that until now were exhausted on-site.

          Automatic setting optimization function

          In order to obtain a stable and clean waveform, adjusting parameters like laser power, light sensitivity, and exposure time is necessary. By incorporating an automatic setting optimization function, conventional adjustment operations can be done with just one click.

          Simulation function

          Saved measurement data or data obtained in real time can be used to change measurement settings and position adjustments before re-measuring. This feature helps solve problems in as little time as possible, such as when settings must be changed or when optimization is necessary due to the addition of a new target object.

          Offline profile observation ( LJ-Observer )

          This tool uses saved measurement data to provide a 3D view and allows for simple profile measurement.


          Extracting a desired cross-section for saved measurement data allows for measurement of height, horizontal distance, and angle.

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