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          Sê-ri LJ-V7000

          High Speed Data Output

          Achieves the demands of high-end users

          [Publicly open communications library]
          Continuous profile data output at a top speed of 64 kHz

          Gigabit Ethernet

          Profile data

          The LJ-V7000 Series has now been equipped with a TOE (TCP/IP off-load engine) specifically for processing high-speed communication. This achieves high throughput that does not affect CPU load. With this it is possible to output 64,000 units of profile data at a top speed of 1 second. Rather than performing measurements in standard measurement mode, the LJ-V7000 Series s used as a measuring probe and is effective in cases when you would like to perform measurements using your own original algorithms. The communications library is also publicly available as standard.

          Differences with a 3D measurement camera

          3D measurement camera

          3D measurement camera

          LJ-V Series

          LJ-V Series

          3D camera/LJ-V

          [1] Easy installation

          When using a 3D camera, the laser light source and receiver (camera) are independent of each other, which makes it so that performing on-site installation and adjustment consume a great deal of time and effort. With the LJ-V, the laser light source and receiver are contained in a single body, making on-site adjustment unnecessary. This also makes it so that misalignment that occurs from use does not take place.

          [2] Linearisation adjustment unnecessary

          When using a 3D camera, the height of individual pixels and width data differ due to the positional relationship of the laser light source and the receiver, and it cannot be used in this state. There is need to perform linearisation adjustment each time that this occurs. With the LJ-V Series, authentic data from the controller that has already been processed with linearisation adjustment is output, so there is no need for you to perform adjustment tasks.

          [3] A measuring device that guarantees accuracy

          The LJ-V Series is not a “camera”, but a “measuring device” that guarantees accuracy. Depending on the international standard, calibration is performed with a standard machine. Measurement and inspection with sense of security and reliability are possible.

          Data output that supports a variety of usage methods

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