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          Sê-ri LJ-V7000

          Various Measurement

          All types of measurements are possible with this single device

          [The industry’s greatest variety] 74 types of measurement modes

          With 13 types of measurement details and 7 types of measurement target specifications, this single device can handle a total of 74 types of measurements. This single device achieves the measurement of a wide variety of target and responds to customer demands without missing a beat.

          Types of measurements/ Types of measurement targets for each measurement

          Types of measurements

          • Measures the height of specified points.

          • Makes a comparison with the registered master shape and then measures the area with the largest difference in height.

          • Measures the height difference from a reference point to a specified point.

          • Measures the radius of curved shapes.

          • Measures the coordinates/amount of movement for the specified position.

          • Measures the thickness of specified points. (When using 2 heads)

          • Measures the width of specified points.

          • Measures the angle between two specified lines or the angle from a single horizontal line.

          • Measures the coordinate of the centre position for a specified point.

          • Measures the cross-section area from a reference line or master shape.

          • Measures the distance between 2 points.

          • Calculates multiple measurement results.

          • Measures the distance from a reference line to a specified point.

          [The industry's greatest variety]
          16-point complete simultaneous measurement

          Any 16 points can be measured simultaneously with a measurement mode that has been selected from the 74 types that are available. Simultaneously completes measurements and inspections that were considered to be a lost cause until now.

          16-point complete simultaneous measurement

          [Easy for anyone] Easy 3D measurement function

          Equipped with an easy 3D measurement function for height, height differences, and position. Not only is it possible to measure 2D cross-section profiles but it is also possible to easily measure scanned 3D data of the target.

          Types of measurements

          Types of measurements

          Types of measurement targets for each measurement

          Types of measurement targets for each measurement

          Measurement example (PC board IC chip height difference measurement)

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