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About Downloading the Software

Last update 15/11/2010
Version 1.58
Confirming your application version Click the [Options] button in the menu to display the [Options] dialog box. From here, the version information is the second item and shows the current version.
Preparations Prepare virus free USB memory.

● Caution

  • Before starting the version upgrade, unplug the LAN cable.
  • Measurement settings files created in version 1.5 will not be accessible in version 1.3 or earlier. For measurement settings files that utilize more than one unit, each unit must have the version upgraded.
  • Measurement settings files and measurement data created in version 1.3 or earlier will not be accessible in version 1.5 without importing the data into an updated setting file.
Upgrading your application version
  1. Download the version upgrade file, without changing the file name, specify the save location and save the file.
  2. Copy the file, in ZIP format, to the USB memory. (Do not uncompress)
  3. Connect the USB memory to the controller's USB memory port.
  4. Click [Options] in the menu screen.
  5. In the [Options] dialog box, click the [Application Version Upgrade] button.
  6. After a moment, a confirmation message box will apper. After confirming the message, click the [OK] button.
  7. After the version upgrade is complete, the menu screen will be displayed. Upgrading the version will take approx. 20 min. Do not turn off the controller while the upgrade is in progress.

● Major changes and change history

[Changes from 1.56 to 1.58]

2. Functional upgrade

  • Fixed a bug that would not update measurement values directly after switching from zoom to show detail in continouous measurement
  • Fixed a bug that would incorrectly display a message stating to "Save after performing edge extraction", when saving measurement settings
  • Fixed a bug that would freeze the system when overwriting the "Area Specified for Measurement and Settings Data" that is displayed when saving measurement settings

[Changes from version 1.52 to 1.56]

2. Functional upgrade

  • Fixed a bug when switching zoom while performing continuous measurement.
  • Fixed a bug where measurement could not be performed after changing the settings of the reference coordinates for the auxiliary circle.
  • Fixed a bug regarding the data transition when overwriting a file with the [Save As…] function.

[Changes from version 1.38 to 1.52]

1. Added functions

  • Added a function to specify measurement direction to the basic measurements "Point-to-point", "Circle-to-Point", and "Circle-to-Circle".
  • Added "Point (Circular Arc)" and "Max./Min. Point (Circle/Circular Arc)" functions to the Element tool.
  • Added a function to edge extraction of the Element tool for automatic parameter correction.
  • Added "White Focus" and "Black Focus" functions to edge direction of the Element tool.
  • Added "Max. Circle" and "Min. Circle" output functions to Circle in the Element tool.
  • Added support for an arbitrary axis for "Line Cross Point" of auxiliary lines.
  • Added support specifying 2 points for "Auxiliary Circle" of auxiliary line.
  • Added support for printing double-byte characters on a label printer.
  • Changed the upper limit for setting the number of elements to 650.

2. Functional upgrade

  • .NET Framework SP2 supported (Fixed .NET Framework problems, and fixed bug that would cause freezing, etc.)
  • Fixed a bug that caused an insufficient memory error.

[Changes from cersion 1.32 to 1.38]

2. Functional upgrade

  • Fixed a bug that caused an unexpected error (OMP abort:).
  • Fixed a bug on the import and export screens that when the remove button was pressed an exception would occur.

[Changes from version 1.20 to 1.32]

1. Added functions

  • Optimized the execution parameters of edge strength [Automatic].
  • Added a function to allow original statistical data to copied when saving a file with the [Save As…] function.
  • Added compatibility mode.

[Changes from version 1.14 to 1.20]

1. Added functions

  • Added [Circle Diameter Cross Measurement] to applicable measurements.
  • Added a function to display an edge strength graph
  • Added a save data function.
  • Added a function to switch columns in a statistical data list.

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