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          Thư tin tức 2016

          8 tháng 8 năm 2016

          Chủ đề :

          Is It Time For An Upgrade?

          99 Points In 3 Seconds
          How is your current measurement equipment doing, do you foresee an upgrading soon? Try out this formula of success that measures up to 99 points in just 3 seconds.
          Vision System Top 10 Techniques
          Besides using transmitted illumination to improve measurement accuracy and camera split function for higher speed, there are 8 other methods to make your vision system a brilliant one.
          Let A Camera Do It For You
          To make things easier, we have inserted a camera in our laser marker to do the chores. Take a closer look at the top 3 capabilities of this camera along with a few case studies.
          One Page Reference
          This article includes a page that categorizes the measurement range, repeatability, frequency and charateristics of 5 different measurement method. It's really the one-page easy reference for you anytime.
          Zooming Into The World Of Die-Casting
          The typical casting defects include cast hole, shrinkage and 10 different more. Gain some knowledge on the methods of using HDR, 3D Imaging and Wide Magnification Range to solve these defective issues.
          100 Types of Fibre Units
          Do we really need all 100 types of fibre units?
          Of course no, but we do need exactly a few useful one to make sure your money and time spend are worth it. So don't lose this opportunity to learn the method of choosing the fitting type for your units!
          Save The Ladder, Save Your Energy
          Now with the ladder-less program, you can experience an automatic management of communication transmission easily and speedily.
          Go Handheld, Go Handy
          From material warehousing to process progress management and traceability to shipping of finished products, the Handy Terminal can help you get the most from various factory tasks.

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