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          Thư tin tức 2016

          11 tháng 7 năm 2016

          Chủ đề :

          Revealing The Secrets Behind "KAIZEN"

          Kaizen 1:
          Cutting Work Made Easier!
          We know the consequences of producing even the slightest variation during cutting work can be really serious. How do you normally measure the parts to get 100% accurate results? The IM Series introduces a way to measure accurately and automatically, see some examples here.
          Kaizen 2: Get the Sharp Observation We Have Been Aiming For
          What is the most important function for you when getting a new microscope? Upon surveying, the top answer is "easy observation of fully-focused images". Were you ever impressed by this kind of function before, or would you like to give it a try?
          Kaizen 3:
          The Super RGB Sensor
          May I ask, do you face these common problems such as reflection from targets, low resolution or fluctuations during your detection process? We understand these situations are annoying. Take a look at this RGB sensor, and see if it might be helpful in solving such problems.
          Kaizen 4: What Can We Get From Ethernet?
          Ethernet is common, it is around you. But today we are talking about Kaizen, so let's read up on this article that explains ways we can maximise our usage of Ethernet using PLC.
          Kaizen 5: Which Sensor Can Give You Quality Up, Cost Down?
          Don't struggle because a wrong sensor was chosen for the job. Download this guide and learn all about the basic applications and improvements you can get easily if you choose the right one!
          Kaizen 6:
          Improvement In Code Reading
          Continously improvement has been made to ensure code reading is easier, faster and more stable. Even reading a few barcodes in 1 view without adjusting positions is not a problem anymore.
          Kaizen 7: Why This Switch Is Necessary?
          Are you using inkjet printing or labelling now? Consider the idea that you are now able to reduce costs, cut down on maintenance, get amazing marking quality and lend a helping hand to save the environment. This document explains why this is possible.
          Kaizen 8: Proven Functions For Vision Inspection
          It is definitely a headache when we cannot figure out the problems behind that vision system. Trouble comes again when data cannot be recorded for trend analysis. Read up more on this document to see the possibility to solve such problems.

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