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          Thư tin tức 2016

          25 tháng 4 năm 2016

          Chủ đề :

          The New Era of Automation Systems in Workplace

          From 10 Minutes to 30 Seconds
          There're various trends in using a vision system, here's one of it.
          With a click of your mouse, assess to 14 varieties of Dimension/Geometry tools from your vision system and get dimension inspection done in 30 seconds!
          Have You Seen This Microscope?
          It combines 4 types of microscope and becomes a unique single system. Use just 1 to solve all problems: save time, save cost and save space!
          The Key To Traceability
          Statistics have shown an increased expansion of "Traceability" in over 20,000 automotive parts. Find out why companies are doing it and the advantages of adopting this concept.
          Hear What They Say!
          We've interviewed some of our customers after their trial with the Instant Dimension Measurement System.
          See their various impressions here, and book a free demo with us to feel these effects too!
          New Age of Positioning/Motion System
          We like to solve everything using just 1 tool.
          After numerous changes, we are glad to introduce the new KV-X Motion that has a full coverage in 1 unit. Check out this new line up.
          Just 1 Press at Your Code Reader
          One Press is all your need to solve the common 3 challenges many code readers face. Read even the smallest code now with ease.
          Safety Support Guidebook
          We've compiled the necessary information regarding the safety requirement that can be useful in any safety briefing. Feel free to use it or share it among your colleagues!

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          Đầu trang

          KEYENCE VIETNAM CO., LTD. Tầng 19, Tháp 1, Capital Place, Số 29 Đường Liễu Giai, Phường Ngọc Khánh, Quận Ba Đình, Thành phố Hà Nội, Việt Nam
          Phone: +84-24-3772-5555
          E-mail: info@keyence.com.vn
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