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Thư tin tức 2016

28 tháng 3 năm 2016

Chủ đề :

Growing Assets, Glowing Smile

Swap 4 Microscopes Into 1
Instead of 4 equipment, save your space by using just 1 microscope for various purposes. Find out if your microscope is one of the 4 here!
Why Do You See Different Measurements?
We can use a few methods to target the same application, but some methods give a better measurement result, why is that so?
100 Types of Fibre Units
100 types?
Yes of course, different environment must have a fitting type in order to cut down cost and inefficiency.
Check this document to see whether you are using the correct one.
Evolution Of The Vision System
Striving always for improvement, we need some tools to ensure this from happenning. Feel the values each different type of vision systems can bring to you.
Don't Take No for an Answer
Can we view results on PC?
Can we perform calculation on this machine?
Do you have such doubts when you perform dimensional measurements?
Mark With Accuracy & Precision
Laser power, beam spot, pulse frequency. How do you adjust these to get the best marking conditions?

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