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7 tháng 3 năm 2016

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3 New Products For Your Needs

Kaizen Visionary
By introducing a simple vision system, you can achieve Kaizen as easy as ABC. Find out some of the real life improvements yielded before and after "Kaizen" happened.
Can You Use The Same Sensor For Different Purposes?
Every sensor has its own detection principle. Whether you can use the same sensor on different motives depends on these. Find out the principle your sensor is following and the advantages and disadvantages of each principles can bring to you.
2D Optical Micrometer
Quality or Speed, which one to forgo?
Don't have to do so anymore. With the newly developed 2D Optical Micrometer, achieve both of these in the simplest manner.
I Don't Know About Laser Markers
Now you can master the technology with a short Q&A containing the knowledge and precautions of using laser markers. Strangely, many are not widely known yet!
Mold & Measure Products Accurately
Molded resin products come in different shapes and have a huge number of locations subjected to dimensional measurement. Mold them perfectly and measure them correctly is not easy. How to get them both then?
[New!] Code Readers With Network Communication Unit
This product makes it easy to configure communication between an SR-700 or
BL-1300 code reader and a PC/PLC. It supports communication protocols such as TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP™, and Profinet. Read out more to find out this technology.
Having Problems With Your Connector Parts?
How many types of connectors are there? And what are the remedies to the common problems many are facing? Learn them here with various image illustrations.

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