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Thư tin tức 2014

22 tháng 7 năm 2014

Chủ đề :

Perform Dimensional Inspection with Ease!

Easily Achieve Dimensional Inspection Just by Clicking
An Introduction to Our Latest Image Processing Sensor that Makes Dimensional Inspection Extremely Easy
A Digital Micrometer with Excellent Environmental Resistance
A Structure Free of Moving Parts That Greatly Reduces Maintenance Man-Hours
Introducing the New Pencil Head for the GT2 Series!
Environmental resistance: NEMA Type 13/IP67G Detecting durability: Supports 100 million cycles
Easier than a Projector! More Accurate than a Measuring Microscope!
Just place and press to automatically measure 99 areas all at once! Select from 3 different models according to your intended application.
Need a Durable and Dependable Photoeye?
The LR-Z features a robust stainless steel housing, simplified operation, and best in class detection capabilities.
Achieve the Ultimate with a PLC and a Serial Communication Device
It is surprisingly possible to eliminate programs without the need for handshake protocols!

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